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Hard-core videogame players typically are loyal to either PlayStation or Xbox. Until last year, Mario Valdes was an Xbox guy. But in November—when Microsoft Corp. MSFT -0.57% released its new..

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AppleAAPL 0.25% closed Friday at $645.57. It will open Monday around $92. Nothing’s changed about the business, and Apple remains the world’s most valuable company by market capitalization...

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Samsung Electronics sa005930.SE -3.29%id five of its Galaxy-branded smartphones and tablets that come with its enterprise security software recently received approval from the U.S. Defense..

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As music mogul Jimmy Iovine and rap star Dr. Dre shopped their Beats Electronics headphone company and streaming service to Apple Inc., AAPL 0.24% Mr. Iovine did most of the talking. But behind..

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Today’s Google Doodle deserves a special mention: It was drawn by 11-year-old Audrey Zhang. The visually rich doodle, which Google artists turned into an animated picture on Google’s home..

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Max Levchin spent a year searching for the perfect person to lead his new online-lending startup until he realized it was him. Levchin, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded payments company..

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Los Angeles is about to be hit with a flood of gamers, developers and console makers as the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo kicks off next week. Last year’s, E3 (as the show is more commonly..

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Ride-sharing company Uber is great at execution and long on vision, but one thing investors who just valued the company at $18.2 billion might be overlooking is the fact that the “moat” around..

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In Japan, robots play important roles in factories, at street festivals, in movies and comic books, and even in themed restaurants where humans impersonate machines instead of the reverse. With..

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or years, the protocol for treating possible concussions on a football field has been this: After a player takes a hard hit to the head, a coach or trainer examines him to assess the severity of the..

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Law enforcement agencies in six countries have direct access to Vodafone's network, allowing them to monitor phone calls and messages without the carrier's knowledge, the company said Friday. The..

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The future of the U.S. wireless industry may soon be in the hands of the Obama administration. Sprint (S) and T-Mobile (TMUS), are close to finalizing a $32 billion merger proposal, according to..

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Cars are already high-tech devices. Dozens of microprocessors control your steering, acceleration and more. It's gotten to the point that Toyota (TM) engineers joke they only slap on wheels to keep..

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