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Influencer Marketing Tools: How Do You Influence an Influencer?

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Influencer marketing is extremely difficult to get right. The very nature of influencers means they have some form of influence with your brand’s target customers. It also means they are hard to reach and even harder to influence. Reaching effective influencers is a tough battle even for brands with large marketing teams and plenty of resources. For the rest of us, it’s typically an exercise in frustration and missed opportunities.

Social media is an area where influencers can prove their social weight in gold. You can take the short sighted view and try to find influencers solely based on follower count, however they tend to be outrageously expensive and of course popularity does not always equal influence. (At least maybe not for your target customers)

Influencer marketing tools are a new and growing market. There are a great many platforms, tools and strategies for building a strong influencer marketing program. I found a new one that seems to have some solid potential. It’s called Postbokx.com.

Postbokz is a newly rebranded (previously Onwardz Social) and pivoted service that aims to connect brands with influencers and create a sort of ‘mutual benefit party.’ Brands get their message out; social media influencers get rewarded for their service (Get paid). It is a simple, streamlined service that is easy to use as an influencer. In fact it’s almost too simplified and streamlined as there are not really any instructions or guides so the whole thing feels a bit confusing to setup. They need to work on adding some hover helps, callouts or something to help explain the steps, odd fields etc. to reduce some of the friction in the on-boarding process.

Overall it was a mostly straightforward setup and I received my first influencer outreach gig within a few days. And I have gotten a decent stream of briefs.


So how does it work?

Postbokz’s concept is simple to conceive (but difficult to do well) Postbokx allows Brands to get in touch with Influencers directly to discuss social media promotion opportunities. They use the concept of “briefs” and “quotes” to make it feel more like an agency-client setup. Here's a short little video that walks through the concept pretty well.

An Influencer can receive a brief in 2 ways:

Direct: A brand uses the search functionality to filter registered influencers (by topic, area of influence, geography, demographics etc.), see their pricing per activity and send them a brief directly.
Send out a brief: A brand fills out a brief (Topics their audience is interested in, audience demographics, etc.) and this brief gets sent to those Influencer profiles, which match.

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