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an France Dodge Dysfunction to Win Group E?

World Cup Preview

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mashable But who does what well? Who are the players you need to watch? Who will ultimately flame out early and miss the round of 16?

All that (and more!) shall be revealed right here in our 10-minute guide to Group E.

The teams (FIFA world ranking in parenthesis)
Switzerland (8)

France (16)

Ecuador (28)

Honduras (30)

The landscape


The 2010 World Cup could not have gone any worse for France. Two months before the tournament, the team was rocked by an underage prostitution scandal. Mid-World Cup, one of its best players flipped out on the coach and was kicked off the team. Other players refused to practice in retaliation. The squad didn't win a game in group play and failed to reach the knockout stage.

Now, guess what? Les Bleus already have a head-start on dysfunction heading into this year's tournament: Manchester City star Samir Nasri was left off manager Didier Deschamps' World Cup roster; his model and pop singer girlfriend, Anara Atanes, laid into Deschamps and the French Football Federation in an expletive-laded Twitter outburst; Deschamps and the federation said they plan to sue Atanes in response.

Good times! But seriously, France sill has a talented squad behind Franck Ribéry, Karim Benzema, Patrice Evra and others. They're more than capable of advancing — provided they can avoid a meltdown encore.

Ecuador, meanwhile, boasts one of the World Cup's most intriguing storylines — albeit one marred by tragedy. Star striker Christian Benitez unexpectedly died in July 2013 after leading the team's qualifying charge. But La Tri still has some good players, led by Manchester United's Antonio Valencia and is worth keeping and eye on because of its unique backstory.

Switzerland is very talented but very young — meaning it could go either way as far as qualifying for the knockout stage. Honduras shouldn't be discounted, but is probably the odd one out here when it comes to having a real chance to move on.

The schedule (all times in ET)
Switzerland versus Ecuador, June 15, Brasilia, 12 p.m.

France versus Honduras, June 15, Porto Alegre, 3 p.m.

Switzerland versus France, June 20, Salvador, 3 p.m.

Honduras versus Ecuador, June 20, Curitiba, 6 p.m.

Honduras versus Switzerland, June 25, Manaus, 4 p.m.

Ecuador versus France, June 25, Rio de Janeiro, 4 p.m.
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  • #1
    09-07-2014 09:24 AM Matt :
    France rolls over Switzerland to go top of Group E. Impressive performance from Les Bleus.
  • #2
    09-07-2014 09:30 AM Abed :
    France beats Swiss 5-2 to take control of Group E and seal a place in the next round