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Tweet a Travel Innovation to Win a Trip to Austin

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Mashable Technology is changing the way we travel. Beyond introducing convenience and speed, it's made the entire experience of getting from one place to another more enjoyable. From wearable GPS and hands-free texting to share programs like CitiBike and Airbnb, there's an endless list of intriguing developments that make traveling easier, more cost-efficient and hopefully a whole lot safer.

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Who knew, five years ago, that driverless cars would be a thing? How about apps that tell you how to avoid traffic? We've come to realize that most of the high-tech innovations that seem far-fetched could soon become standard.

So what's the next big thing in travel technology? It's a question we'll never stop asking. Mashable is partnering with British Airways to host a Twitter challenge around the topic — and we want to hear your thoughts.

Internet-savvy people, entrepreneurs, clever minds in London's tech industry, we're looking at you. Tweet your most innovative idea for creating a better travel experience, and tag #CurioCity for a chance to win a trip to Austin, Texas. Winners will have a chance to dive into the culture of Austin with a helpful itinerary, including welcome dinners, pub crawls, tech tours, festivals and Mashable parties.

Mashable is partnering with British Airways to celebrate their new Austin-to-London route, while showcasing the people and startups powering both cities.

How to enter our challenge:

Tag your tweets with the hashtag #CurioCity.

Each idea must be contained in a single tweet (140 characters), including the hashtag.

You can submit as many tweets as you'd like. All submissions will be judged.

Five lucky winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. You must be from London or its surrounding areas to qualify.

Winners will receive:

Roundtrip airfare from London to Austin aboard British Airways.

5 days/4 nights at a hotel in downtown Austin.

Participation in a guided Startup crawl for Austin Tech Week.

Opportunity to visit Austin's most innovative companies in 3D printing, food and beverage, transportation and more.

Exclusive dining opportunities with members of the Austin tech scene.

An invitation to our exclusive MashBash party on October 10.

One-day ticket to the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Full immersion into Austin's vibrant culture with complimentary meals at top restaurants, live music performances and a taste of the Austin startup life.
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  • #1
    09-22-2014 08:31 PM Matt :
    Although I am upset that I can't participate I am extremely impressed with this Twitter promotion by British Airways. It is a simple, and offers a great reward. I will definitely keep up with this and see what participants post.
  • #2
    09-22-2014 08:31 PM Lainer :
    It will be interesting to see the response from the London population. British airways has always been trendy when it comes to advertising/marketing so this new promotion doesn't surprise me at all.

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