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ESPN Anchor Asks: What Exactly Does the NFL Stand For?

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 ESPN anchor Hannah Storm told the world on Sunday that she was "genuinely excited" to get to work after the first week of the NFL season — that is, until TMZ released a video last week that showed Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancée in a hotel elevator.

At that point, Storm and others at the sports network led almost round-the-clock coverage as Rice was cut by the Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL (before the video, the NFL had handed out just a two-game suspension). Then,
In a brief segment on a Sunday episode of SportsCenter (watch above), Storm presented a series of big questions that have no immediate answers, including: "What does all this mean for the future?"

That is to say, are fans meant to separate the athletic ability of the players they love from the violent acts that some of them commit away from the field? How are parents supposed to explain that players with a history of violence are allowed to keep playing? Will the NFL side with delinquent athletes over its increasingly angry fans?

Storm closed out: "Will the NFL, in all its power, take the lead on the issue of domestic violence?"
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