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Floyd Mayweather Made $14,800 Per Second This Weekend (Again)

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 How was your weekend? Floyd Mayweather made $14,800 per second, nearly $900,000 per minute and more than $2.5 million per round for his Saturday night boxing match against Marcos Maidana.

Oh, and Mayweather also beat Maidana in a unanimous decision to retain his welterweight and junior middleweight world titles and extend his career record to an undefeated 47-0.

Mayweather was guaranteed a payout of $32 million for the fight, which lasted a full 12 rounds (rounds are three minutes each). Not only that, but his take is likely to tick upward after pay-per-view receipts are counted, thanks to his Mayweather Promotions co-promoting the fight that was broadcast on Showtime.

Mayweather pulled down another $32 million guaranteed payday in May, when he and Maidana fought for the first time.

Despite questions in the ring about the quality of the opponents he's faced and controversy outside the ring concerning his abusive history with women, Saturday's bout proves one thing yet again: Mayweather is a revenue-generating machine. He's estimated to have earned more than $400 million over his career.

Ever the shrewd businessman, Mayweather documented the lead-up to his fight on Shots, an app in which he's an investor. He used the app to share, among other-things, a photo of himself getting his hands wrapped and a pre-fight selfie with Justin Bieber (because of course).
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